I offer amazing things to awesome people.

Spring Solstice Summit brings you the world’s most incredible healers, teachers, and all-around amazing human beings

It’s a free event – just join our free Facebook group. That’s where we’ll be going live each day.  Can’t make it to a session? The recordings will be saved there for all to enjoy.

Energy Healings

These healings draw upon knowledge gleaned from living and immersing myself in various healing cultures throughout the world as well as tuning in with and addressing the client’s needs. Each healing is unique and specific to the clients’ needs. Healings can include Reiki, the use of crystals, sound healing and chakra alignment.

An energy healing may be right for you if you would like to release blockages from your body and subconscious, repattern outdated beliefs, open passageways in the body so energy can flow freely, release negative thoughts and feel blissful.

Massage/Partner Therapeutics

This unique massage incorporates teachings from Thai Massage into Flying Therapy. The client feels weightless and has the opportunity to connect with their inner child while the practitioner is able to access the muscles and manipulate the body into extreme relaxation.

Reiki Attunements and Certifications

For those interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills to give Reiki healing sessions, attunements for Reiki Level I, II & Master are available. Reiki healings connect the healer and client with the life force energy which flows through us thereby nourishing the body and cells and opening blocked passageways freeing whatever is ready to be released.

  • Level One addresses hand positioning for giving healings, theory, chakra balancing, self- healing and initiation.
  • Level Two includes initiation and addresses symbols to enhance Reiki flow, protection, heal any event in time including distance healing, as well as remove any blockages including emotional, subconscious or bodily.
  • Master includes initiation as well as guidelines for attuning others in all three levels. This is a very in depth process and typically is carried out over several days.

Full/New Moon Rituals

Draw upon this sacred energy and release limiting beliefs while invoking new and expanding beliefs. Each ritual flows with the group’s needs and can include chakra cleansing, crystal cleansing, meditation, sound healing and tarot card reading.


This powerful system releases trapped emotions, blockages and negative programing while connecting the conscious and subconscious to re-program and instill new beliefs. Using muscle memory testing and magnets to override old patterns and beliefs, Fasttrack provides immediate access to your desired life and beliefs where your dreams are your reality.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Through tapping on the “meridian points” you are able to release old thought patterns and beliefs opening yourself up to new possibilities of thinking, feeling, being. This is a painless and easy technique to target any blocks or traumas holding you back from your highest potential.

Private Classes

Whether for an individual or a group, any of the offerings listed are available for private classes and workshops.