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This free offering is coming out of gratitude and pure love for everyone on this planet with the intention of raising everyone’s vibration.

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March 19-21, 2021


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Workshops & Presenters

Carrie Goodman
Founder of SOAR

Opening Ceremony:
Manifestation Meditation with Reiki Healing

Friday @ 8pm

Tap into the potent energy that is happening right now as a result of Solstice. Together, we will raise up our inner world – which will naturally impact our outer world.

First, I will introduce a Qi Gong exercise to help balance all the energy in your body accompanied with music to create a deeper impact.
Then, we will sit in a meditation practice where I will guide you through an exercise to bring 3 new dreams or visions into your life.

Finally, I will close the session with a Reiki healing. Reiki connects us with the life force energy which flows through us thereby nourishing the body and cells and opening blocked passageways freeing whatever is ready to be released.

During this presentation, you will need space to either lie or sit down comfortably. Some people prefer to meditate seated on a chair, some prefer to sit on the ground on a cushion while others prefer to lie down. Please have available whatever you need to be comfortable.

Closing Spring Solstice Ceremony:
Sunday @ 9pm

Participants will be invited to release limiting beliefs while invoking new and expanding beliefs – all of which will be amplified by the energy of the spring solstice.

This ceremony will invite transformation and deep change in the subconscious by inviting participants to step into their power and tap into the subconscious.

We are going to use the potent energy of solstice and the equal light and dark to balance ourselves. Let’s allow nature to support us to bring our dream life into creation.

  • Candle and matches/lighter
  • Fireproof bowl filled with water to place burning paper
  • 6 pieces of paper and pen
  • Shaker/drum/instrument of choice
  • Sage/palo santo/incense to clear space, you can also use sound (such as a clap, singing bowl), energetic intention
  • Altar (optional) — You may have a sacred cloth, crystals, tarot cards, anything that represents something of meaning to YOU, anything from nature

About Carrie Goodman

It is my biggest passion and joy to live from the heart and laugh often with others.

I feel blessed to have lived, volunteered, trained, and studied around the world. These experiences helped me craft a rich daily practice – which draws upon the wisdom of our global community.

With years of international facilitating experience, I am excited to bring these offerings to the online space. I see these tools and resources that I have gathered as gifts to offer and share with others.

May we all be inspired to live from the heart and share love.

Dr. Leora Harlingten

The 8 Limbs of Yoga
Friday @ 8:30pm PST

Do you feel stuck in old emotional patterns and habits? Much of what shapes our experience is not perceptible to our conscious awareness. Will power alone does not change this. We need to raise our vibration to cultivate harmony and equanimity if we desire to transform our way of being in the world.

I will present the eight limbs of yoga along with Cultivating Sattva with the intention of offering something beneficial for your daily life and for long term happiness. This is ancient knowledge that one can implement towards health in the broadest sense of the term.

Yoga is mainly a science of self-realization, as Ayurveda is of self-healing. Together they form a complete discipline that raises our awareness and vibration in service to the ultimate goal of enlightenment.

Going back over 5,000 years the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda were developed for self-healing and self-realization. Yoga and Ayurveda work together to enhance health and well-being on every level. Together these two practices are a system that brings us in harmony with nature by cultivating equanimity.

Like many things in life, we gain deeper knowing through our own experience. I have worked in the area of adult and couples counseling for many years and have observed, both in my own life and others, that our lifestyle practices not only effect our wellness and happiness but determine it.

Yasmeen Hossain

Spring Detox: Release What No Longer Serves You
Saturday @ 8:00am PST

Stuck emotional energy? Other people’s energy weighing you down? Toxic thought patterns that you are ready to release? Join us for a detox practice that you can do anytime, anywhere and as often as you need and learn about which key crystals can help amplify and support your spring detox and how to use them.

About Yasmeen Hossain

Yasmeen is an Intuitive Counselor, Author, Caretaker, Healer, Sustainability Expert and (gentle) Transformation Catalyst who descends from a long line of palm readers, astrologers and herbalists. You could say the Healing Arts are quite literally in her blood. She firmly believes that every being deserves to live a wholehearted life – feeling worthy, loved, empowered, and whole.

Website: https://www.manapranalife.com/about

Facebook: @ManapranaLife

Tara Skye Rose

Multidimensional Guide, Crystal Therapist and Nature Communicator. 

Embody Your Soul Essence
Saturday @ 9:30am PST

Aloha from Stockholm, Sweden.

The higher services I work with is to activate crystalline consciousness and to help navigate people in their ascension process so full embodiment of soul essence can happen. Now is the time to come into full remembrance of who we truly are and what our soul mission and unique gifts are to this world.

Nikoletta Toth

Yoga Plan for Kids
Saturday @ 11:00am PST

1. Breathing with a breathing ball

2. What makes you happy? – Pretend to catch Miss Smiley

3. Play a parts of body game (e.g: touch the floor with 2 hand and 1 foot only, only bottom, 1foot and forehead, etc)

4. Talking about seasons
? What season do we have now? ➡️ Spring
? What happens at Spring?
? Let’s collect some spring related words and demonstrating them with yoga poses!

5. Sun dance

6. Tell me an animal that begins with :
S ➡️nake
P ➡️anda
R ➡️abbit
I ➡️guana
N ➡️ightingale
G ➡️iraffe

We will demonstrate with yoga postures whatever they will say! 🙂

7. If we have time: creating some tulips whilst Vivaldi: Spring song is on

8. Guided meditation: Butterfly

About Nikoletta Toth

I have been practising yoga since 2013 and teaching since 2018.

I am a qualified teacher with Physical Education skill.

In 2018 I have done a 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India and a 28 hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Training in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Both course were absolutely magnificent and has provided a life changing experience.

In 2019 I have completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali what made me a grateful and joyful yogini.

It is hard to describe what I feel about yoga in the few lines as I feel so much positivity regarding this uplifting lifestyle. Yoga practice has changed me and it teaches me how to become a better person every occasion.

When I do YIN Yoga, I appreciate feeling the calmness, slowing down, holding the postures for longer than in other type of yoga and just being in the present.

Also I enjoy the opposite style of yoga which is VINYASA, where you are more active, sweating, building the strength and feeling the flow.

HATHA Yoga is also great to practice that involves breath, body and mind.
All style provides incredible benefits.

Yoga is about breathing, practising, accepting how we are, giving and getting, building strength, caring, increasing flexibility, being aware about our physical and mental health. The best choice in my life that is for sure.

When I am not practising yoga, I walk in the nature, making photographs, going for a run, take on part in drama and improvisation group, do some freelance writings.

If you would like to try any of my classes, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am here to guide you through and making your journey happy.

Alyse Young

The Soul’s Journey
Saturday @ 12:30pm PST

The Soul’s Journey Weekend will give you tools to interpret your energy. Energy is vibrations that are translated as feelings. You will gain new ways to respond to your feelings, they are your guidance, your intuition. Experiential exercises will give you the opportunity of sensing this yourself.

We also will cover more about working in alignment the multi-dimensional Self and higher vibrations (also experiential practices). It is imperative to have true understanding of grounding in order to truly embrace your multi-dimensional Being (5th dimensional energy?) and the multi-universe.

These are times of important change and great growth, a time to accept the responsibility, we are born creators of our life. Redefining who we are, as opposed to being defined by our conditioning.

  • Grounding – “feel and sense your energy, your body, your feelings” in a safe and simple way
  • Embodying your Energy – allowing and communicating with your feelings through the inner child
  • Seeing your life path with new perspectives – Mastery, Responsibility and Choice
  • Connect to your Soul and Higher Self… feel the difference
  • Learn to tap into your intuition, it’s the best guidance system designed especially for you
  • Feeling alignment in your body as you participate in simple and empowering exercises that will help you to create what you want in this lifetime
  • Sound Healing Recalibration
    Exploring Values that align with the multi-dimensional lifestyle: Intent, Truth, Surrender
  • Responsibility Charts – Intention, Willingness, Loyalty, Commitment
  • Setting your space in the new crystalline energy (5th dimension and more?)
  • Activating your multi-dimensional body, the Pineal and Thymus glands and Solar Plexus☸
  • Introduction to your Innate Body (your Smart body/DNA and your Akarsh)
  • Ho’Oponopono, a Hawaiian healing system for forgiveness, reconciliation and acceptance
  • Connect in Intimacy – Into-Me-See

Alisha Nahoku

Starseed Magic ~ Sacred Wisdom Held in the Akashic Records
Saturday @ 3:00pm PST

Join Alisha Nahoku as she paints the picture of what the Akashic records are, what valuable information they hold, and why it matters.

Have you ever wondered why you continue to choose things that aren’t in your highest good?

Have you tried to make changes in your life but then find yourself in the same situations over again?

Have you wondered WHY certain people are in your life and what you are learning from them?

All of this information and more exists in your Akashic records, and when you understand the possibilities of navigating and clearing through these blocks, your life transitions fast.

We will spend some time discussing some of the highlights held in your records, as well as a frame of reference for who you are as an energetic being, in this current incarnation as well as the perspective of your soul which is eternal

About Alisha Nahoku

Alisha is an awakened energy healer working to support those who are searching for deep connection to the Universe. As a spiritual business coach, teacher and guide, she uses her many tools to help awaken the mind and clear the blocks to an abundant, joy filled life.

She has been through the darkest dark, and is here to hold your hand through it as well. She specializes in helping starseeds and lightworkers align their gifts to their business, using both strategy and energy clearing to help you step into business you’ve been dreaming of.

She has advanced training in both reiki and the Akashic Records, and also utilizes Human Design within her process. Anchoring the energy of the Pleiadian Star Mothers, she is here on a mission of love.

Tahra Singh

Life Vision Empowerment
Saturday @ 5:00pm PST

Life Vision Empowerment Courses and Coaching is a transformational experience to align with one’s self in order to move beyond the boundaries of the mind and the patterns that limit Divine Expression. It is in this mystical state, that one becomes a vessel for spontaneous creative thought, empowerment and meaningful insight

About Tahra Singh

Tahra Singh is inspired by the mystical power that comes from living ones’ passion. Tahra’s meditation practice has been woven throughout his life and has inspired the creation of a class he calls “Life Vision Empowerment.”

Tahra first became aware of prayer and meditation as a child. At a young age, his spiritual heart was opened and a guiding truth awoke within.

Tahra spent his teenage years riding horses and motorcycles and living in the country. This love for all things nature inspired him to purchase his first home, open a yoga school, start a Community Free Kitchen and a Free Store in his early twenties.

This passion for community grew as Tahra moved to the Santa Cruz mountains where he has resided for 35 years. As the founder of Dharma Ridge Educational Collective, he has been guided to hold a vision on the land of a 500 year plan to protect and provide sacred space for communities to come. Both of his children Tej Simran and Turiya Dine were home births in what has become the beloved Dharma Ridge. The greatest joy of his life has been being their father. Tahra has also served the Santa Cruz community as a Realtor and Life Coach.

After years of sharing consciousness raising teachings, Tahra went through a period of time where he conducted personal interviews where he discovered that 100% of all he interviewed had a unique and special gift to give to the world. From there Tahra came to see that If a person was to become awakened to that gift and empowered to birthing it, the world would transform and a New Paradigm shift would take place.

Tahra is committed to the path of truth that we all have many destinies in life; But feels that only one of them is our absolute Highest Destiny. He has seen that there is an energy force beyond consciousness rooted in the seed of each person’s life passion and that this unique awakening releases subconscious blocks and frees the conscious mind to create.

Dr. Tharshini Nirmalarajah

Womb Wisdom
Saturday @ 8:00pm PST

This session will cover why menstrual cycle awareness is the first gateway to the womb consciousness. Why is self love a returning back to the womb.

The different stages of a woman’s life and how we can use the intelligence of the womb to heal ourselves. How we can enhance our womb energy through different organ systems via chinese medicine.

About Dr. Tharshini Nirmalarajah

Dr Tharshini is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, a Global Energetic Specialist, Womb Medicine Teacher and the founder of Fertile Seeds of Life.

She has been on Awake TV network in the US and was the host of a 12-part episode series, her show was called, The Gift of energetic fertility healing, which was live streamed around the world. Helping couples realise they are more than just their age and lab results when it comes to fertility.

Dr Tharshini has a deep passion in educating women and teens, on the knowledge of the womb, through the menstrual cycle. Her work has allowed her to be on many global platforms, teaching sacred womb knowledge, to support women through gynaecological, fertility and menopause issues.

She is teaching and awakening the creative power of the womb globally.

She has 17 yrs. experience in the health industry. This gives her a deep understanding of Western Medicine Science, Eastern Medicine and Energy Medicine which she combines together to transform people’s lives.

She has created programs through spiritual technology that is strengthening and configuring the true potential of our womb and reproductive health.

Her teachings are awakening the cells of the body, light codes and DNA.

Reconnecting parts of ourselves that are fragmented, disconnected, in pain, suffering and feel separated in the world to come together and be whole again. Healing in ways that open up different dimensions of womb consciousness within.

Dr Tharshini is also close to finishing her first book called Awaken and Heal your Womb. 50% of the profit of each book sold will be going to women and young girls in Sri-Lanka, India and Africa.

The profits will allow the creation of period packs by women who live in those countries, this will create work for them and support young girls and women who are bleeding, by giving each one of them period packs that include education on cycle charting, reusable period undies and support that will inspire our young girls to be proud of being a woman.

Her love in this field to support our young girls, has now led her to work with an orphanage, creating a 6-month program to teach our young girls about womanhood.

She is also currently working with sexually abused victims and child trafficking victims on education around women’s health through interactive workshops online.

Dr Tharshini is a divine channel of love for the creation of a new awakened and healthy generation of children. She is the gift of love to humanity.

Jenny Glick

Unlock the Highest Potential of Your Relationships
Sunday @ 8:00am PST

As a relationship mentor, my job is to take you from where you are NOW in your relationship to where you want to BE instead in your relationship.

During our session, I will guide you through a practice of getting clarity on what the highest potential of YOU is in the relationship with your intimate partner, a child, parent, colleague or with yourself. By the end of our time together you will have clear strategies and internal architecture defined that will invite you to amplify the unfolding of this part of you so that you can bring it into your life today.

About Jenny Glick

Jenny Glick, MA, MSC, LMFT, CST — Jenny is a licensed marriage and family therapist and AASECT certified sex therapist who has been serving families, couples and individuals for over 20 years.

The women she works with have read books, articles, and watched loads of videos online about communication, relationships, intimacy and spiritual connection. They have gone to therapy and often LOVE their therapist but have lackluster results in creating real change in their intimate relationships.

The women Jenny serves are successful in so many aspects of their lives but their marriage or intimate relationships fall flat. They feel like they are trapped and suffocating in a relationship that simply isn’t a reflection of who they REALLY are.

As an expert mentor and wayshower, Jenny guides women in how to embody their highest potential at any given moment in their relationship. Through radical accountability, a strategic step-by-step plan, daily practices, personalized daily support and community connections, Jenny walks women from where they are now (point A) to where they want to be in their lives (point B) in 8 weeks or less.

The first step to marital transformation is personal transformation and that transformation begins by thinking, feeling, acting and believing in a radically new way. Jenny has a map to get you there.


Vanita K Gupta

Gut Health & Abundance
Sunday @ 10:00am PST

Food is medicine and when you listen to your gut to make conscious choices that heal, body, mind and soul, you are empowered to live life to your highest potential.

You will learn to activate your intuition to make food choices that empower you so you love your body and the way it feels. When you don’t feel good in your body, you disempower yourself with low vibration thoughts such as self-criticism, doubt or shame.

Diets, fads, and the latest trends in eating are short-term one-size-fits-all temporary solutions that do not consider personal lifestyles, genetics or situations. They ignore emotional, mental and spiritual health which are critical pillars of optimal health and long lasting change.

You are a one-of-a-kind individual that changes over time and must continually adapt to new situations. Only you know what is the right choice for you in any given moment. Activate, empower and embody your gut intuition to make conscious food choices and eat without shame, guilt or regret.

I will help you navigate the intersection between evidence-based science and intuition to decode commonly held food narratives and uncover your personal inner wisdom.

This three-step formula will give you instant insight and awareness to your relationship with food and yourself so you can fuel with your body with positive vibrations that make you feel good so you step into your full power and live your best life.

About Vanita K Gupta

Vanita K Gupta helps people gain mastery of their mind and body so they feel liberated, confident and empowered to create unlimited abundance and joy in their lives.

With her one-of-a-kind approach to health and wellness she helps people achieve their optimal health by deconstructing their relationships to food and to themselves so they heal inside out and outside in.

Her unique background in science and communications combined with an ever-expanding knowledge of food, medicine, nutrition, breathwork, meditation, yoga, reiki, sound and alternative forms of thought, she bridges the gap between science and spirituality, evidence and intuition, as well as Eastern, Western and New Age Medicine.

Vanita holds a PhD in Molecular Biology, an MBA in pharmaceutical marketing, has 3 years of post-doctoral training in oncology, 8 peer reviewed publications and was a Medical Director leading scientific strategy in science communications for high profile institutions over a decade before she left the industry of health to pursue true and lasting health. Vanita is a health alchemist, conscious creatrix and founder of Food Alkhemix.

Michelle Gomez

Without Coercion, Force, Bribery or Even Praise: An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication Parenting
Sunday @ 12:00pm PST

What does it mean to consider your child your equal? Someone with far fewer resources, much less experience and more limited access to the world — and — whose needs are no less, and no more, important than the parent’s?

What does it mean to consider your child to be a fully formed, whole human being from birth – not needing to be fixed through coercion, force, bribery or even simple praise? Would you consider a life where everyone’s needs matter — none more than another’s? What might this look like in practice?

This presentation looks at parenting through the eyes of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication. It is not a strategy class on the how-to’s of bedtime, teeth brushing, house cleaning and homework.

It is about standing back and focusing on building connection and trust with your child — the possibilities that flow from this — and trusting that when you are connected to your own feelings and needs and those of your child – you and your child are the ones who can best strategize tomeet everyone’s needs – be it toothbrushing, tangles, tickling or term papers.

About Michelle Gomez

Prior to parenting Michelle Leah Gomez trained as a lawyer and was an academic in law and social policy. Her teaching and publications involved communication research, and it was not until parenting that she found Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication.

She was leading an attachment parenting book club when someone recommended Marshall Rosenberg’s book. His work resonated strongly with her. A family friend, who was an nvc certified trainer, recommended she host Empathy Circles.

She began doing so as a way of gaining and giving support for living a nonviolent life. She’s been hosting nonviolent communication parenting practice group circles since 2008 – first in Ventura County, California, then in Santa Cruz County, California and the Monterey Bay, California – and in 2020 – beginning with Covid19 – on Zoom.

In 2020 she also began teaching nonviolent communication parenting courses through NVC Santa Cruz and offering one-on-one parent/caregiver sessions on NVC parenting.

Michelle has a JD from Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall School of Law, UC Davis and an MA in Jurisprudence and Social Policy from UC Berkeley. As an academic, she taught in Law and Society at UC Santa Barbara and served as the Director of Research and Education at UC Santa Barbara’s Center on Police Practices and Communication. She, her spouse and their three children live in Watsonville, California, USA. She has been homeschooling their three children all their lives.

Weekly Nonviolent Communication Parenting Circle (Zoom)

The Circle is a place of safety where parents can share what is going on in their lives and leave it there if they wish. It is a time and space that is held for the parent to focus on connecting feelings with needs. The Circle is not intended to give the parent advice.

It is based on the belief that when a parent is truly heard and understood, when that parent has clarity on what needs underlie that parent’s feelings, the parent will be in a place of clarity to create the strategies that best suit the family.

More information about Michelle Leah Gomez’s Weekly Zoom Circle and Parenting Classes can be found here – https://nvcsantacruz.org/

Katy Bullen

Sunday @ 3:00pm PST

Dance your Body Wisdom! DANCEmandala integrates Movement Meditation and Freeform Dance. Each practice session allows us to enter into a space of inner freedom and oneness which deepens our connection to Self, Community and Nature.

Through the dance, we open up to experience our unique soul expression, creative life flow and healing potential. FInd out more at www.dancemandala.com

“The DANCEmandala Livestreams are something truly special. Being able to stay connected and dance together with our global community of dancers and facilitators is a real treat. I love that I get to continue the guided practice at home and the classes help me to feel balanced, revitalised, and bring joy to my day.” – Katy

About Katy Bullen

Katy began facilitating DANCEmandala in 2012 and since then has lead classes in her local community as well as at workshops, retreats and festivals in the UK, Thailand, Myanmar, Bali, Australia and now online!

Katy’s love for movement is combined with a passion for self-exploration, holistic wellness and personal growth which has motivated her to study and train in Yoga, Biodanza, Reiki, Cacao Ceremony and other healing and sacred arts.

Katy has also worked globally as a professional documentary filmmaker and is now enjoying her new life adventure as a mother based near Byron Bay, Australia.


Nicole Claire Seeger

Shamanic Womb Clearing & Healing
Sunday @ 5:00pm PST

Our womb represents the great void, a universal space of creation and manifestation.

It is time to reclaim the sanctity and holiness of her.The great sacred cave of the feminine.

In ancient civilisations women were revered for their womb and moon blood. Through time, we as women have lost touch with the innate wisdom of our womb. We have forgotten that, we as creator beings hold great power within us.

We have learned to hold trauma, tension, pain, wounds of our ancestors, the collective and our own pain in our sacred womb and without clearing and healing these can cause a lot of havoc.

Pre-Menstrual conditions, cancer, fibroids, cysts, painful Menstruation, hormonal imbalances, infertility are all signs that we have fallen out of balance with the cycles and seasons of our Earth Mother.

In a womb clearing, we tune into the greater understanding of what is is that needs to be cleared: Sexual trauma, abuse, suppression of our creative gifts, expression, DNA of past lovers, implants, outdated programs and belief systems to name a few.

Together we journey in a sacred and safe dream space to a very specific and holy Healing Space. In a meditative and visual dream journey, you will be guided to meet and receive the support of your council of light and in particular your medicine woman.

It is deeply nourishing, relaxing yet profoundly deeply and transformative process.

** Please note that you do not need to have a physical womb to receive this session.

“To open to honor the great mysteries of our womb, is to open to the primordial redemption of consciousness, experienced through the shamanic return to the great cosmic room”

About Nicole Claire Seeger

Nicole is a mom, international best selling author, ceremonialist facilitator, energy healer and all-round modern woman.

Nicole finds great joy in empowering others along their path of self-realization and transformation. She has been facilitating women’s circles, MODERN MEDICINE WOMEN TRAINING, embodied empowerment workshops, conscious parenting workshops and private retreats, utilising her background in family counselling, Reiki, as a breathwork facilitator, teacher, mentor and shaman.

Libby Wallace

Galactic Shamanism, Living in Abundance and Soul-Lead Business
Sunday @ 8:00pm PST

The time has come for us to live the life that our souls incarnated in this planet, at this time, specifically for.

By tapping into the guidance readily available for you, to live in your highest purpose, create magnificent abundance, and serve in the way you are called to, you’ll not only live your most expansive and turned on life, but support the collective ascension process too. Learn tools, techniques and insight to support you in your journey.

About Libby Wallace

Libby is a galactic business coach, shamanic healer, event host & cofounder of social initiatives The Self Wealth Project and Leaders Making A Difference and cofounder of charity Hope2Fam.

With a science degree in psychology and trained in shamanism, leadership and mentorship, her grounded approach to life and business uniquely combines science and spirituality in holistic and practical ways.

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